Cheap Thrills

It is so difficult to get recommendations for movies. Twitter is clearly unreliable. Everyone has different taste. There are a few folks whose taste is completely opposite from mine. So when I recommend a movie, they stay away from watching it and vice versa. But again, it is not the best way to find good movies to watch. I scout Oscar lists even though Oscar winning movies are boring... I look around IMDB's ratings... I go through google play movies... and itunes store. Anything to find a good and interesting flick. 

Movies are not just about entertainment... they are barely about education... they are more about imagination and taking us into a different world... a world that may or may not exist. 

'Cheap Thrills' has given a brilliant start to 2015. This is going to be year of awesome and path breaking movie reviews on this blog. I can feel it.

My search on twitter took me to this blog. It is written by an aspiring script writer (I think). And I came across this post which has a list of movies recommended by film fanatics.

I downloaded 'Cheap Thrills' yesterday and watched it today evening when KC was getting bored.

This movie has been directed by first time director E.L Katz and released in the US in March 2014.
It stars:
- Pat Healy as Craig
- Ethan Embry as Vince
- David Koechner as Colin
- Sara Paxton as Violet

Craig is a mechanic with a wife and small child. He is trying to make ends meet and needs money urgently to pay rent else he gets evicted in 7 days. He had planned to ask for a raise but loses his job instead. He goes to a cheap bar to drink and wallow in his misery when he meets Vince- his friend from school who he hasn't met in 5 years.
Both meet Colin and Violet at the bar. Colin and Violet are filthy rich, married and celebrating latter's b'day in the bar. Colin challenges them to do some trivial things for money. Since Vince and Craig both need money, they don't think twice about it. 
The game then shifts to Colin and Violet's house where the stakes get higher... really high... really, really, really high. 
Who wins? Who loses? 

There was a scene in the movie where KC was grossed out and he hid his face in the blanket and screamed "Shut that off. It is the most disgusting thing I have seen". No, that was not the grossest thing we had seen... the worse was yet to come.
Everytime we thought it cannot get worse... it did. And I kept thinking that at some point Colin will say, "I was kidding. I just wanted to see how far you guys can go" but that never happens. 

This movie is about how far can human beings go... how desperate can one get... everyone has a dark side... it just needs a trigger to manifest itself... what is your trigger? And what is mine? 
We only discover new things- good or bad, about ourselves when we push the boundaries. Nobody said what we come across next has to be good. 

It is taking all my will power to not give away the spoilers. I really, really want to. Should I? No. I won't. But if you do watch the movie, please let me know so we can discuss it. 

This is a MUST watch. But only if you have nerves of steel. It is not for everyone. 


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