I had bookmarked this movie when I got to know Jennifer Aniston stars in it. I loved her in Friends (who didn't) but her choice in movies has been terrible. I don't know why actors pick such terrible movies. 

Cake is the story of Claire (Jennifer) who met with a terrible accident in which she lost her kid and it left her with scars all over her body and severe back pain. The fall out is that she is separated from her husband played by Chris Messina (he needs better roles, such a talented dude) and is angry, bitchy, unhappy, an alcoholic and on drugs. 
Her caretaker is played by Adriana Barraza who cares for her despite her bad attitude. 
Claire's friend Nina (Anna Kendrick) commits suicide and the support group is very upset with it. Claire, instead of being sympathetic, is very sarcastic and gets thrown out of the support group. She decides to visit Nina's house and meets her husband, played by Sam Worthington. She starts hanging out with him. Eventually, she learns to forgive and wants to focus on her recovery. 

Jennifer Aniston is brilliant. Who knew she had such talent. This was an Oscar winning performance. Except the movie has a lot of flaws. The other characters are not well etched out. Claire's accident is not shown completely. I had no idea what exactly happened till the end. Why did Claire and her husband break up? 

It's like the movie was made only to display Jennifer's acting chops. She plays her role well but the movie does not touch you. I didn't understand why she is the way she is. 

Not a bad movie. Worth a watch once. 


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