Son of Abish

I have watched all the videos of Son of Abish on YouTube. It is a live show which is edited and put up on the site. It's generally divided into few sections:
- In other news : Abish talks about current affairs
- Interviews : Generally someone moderately famous is interviews like Kanan Gill, Cyrush Broacha, Vir Das etc
- Where Abish Mathew sings and plays the guitar

Abish's jokes are funny. Even though I've seen most of these jokes on YouTube, watching them live was a lot of fun. But jokes are only 50% of a comedy show. The balance 50% is the comedian himself... how he connects with the audience... what kind of an experience he creates for the audience.
Abish has the unique ability to look very approachable. He is like this cuddly, jolly teddy bear you want to hug. Or like Santa Claus. He looks so cute nobody would even want to troll/interrupt the show or make nasty comments. And if they do, he handles it like a joke making him all the more endearing.
During this show he had a section on sex education which was hilarious. He is one comedian you should watch live.


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