I loved the promos of this movie on twitter (will search and share them here) and was looking forward to watching it. But all the bad reviews online put me off. So, I had to save my money and I wish I hadn't. 

The movie stars Gulshan Devaiah and Radhika Apte in lead roles. Gulshan has starred in Shaitan and that's where I remember him from. Radhika Apte is a household name after Badlapur. 

In brief, the movie is about a tharki who grows up. The movie moves between different time periods and stages of Mandar (Gulshan's) tharkiness. He is that guy who starts by feeling up women in sabji markets as a teenager, then manages to get his first girlfriend after hitting on the 2nd best looking girl instead of the best looking one, has a liaison with Savita bhabhi... with married but sex starved women and so many more. Until he grows old (30? 35?) and the tactics stop working. Everyone around him is married and urges him to look for someone through arranged marriage. That's how he meets Trupti (Radhika) and they start dating. Trupti is very progressive and open about her past while Mandar pretends to be a seedha sadha guy. But in the end, he decides to tell her about his past and well, all's well that ends well.

I don't understand the bad reviews. 

Don't we all know men like these:

- As teenagers men think with their balls. That is absolutely true. They only have sex on their mind and everything is driven by the need to have sex. Once they are in their 20s, they grow up so it's all ok. I guess.
- That guy who has slept with his married neighbour? C'mon. It does happen
- That guy who has a score of 50 or 100 or more... I am not judging. In fact, I respect such guys more 
- That guy who is ugly as hell but has had a lot of girlfriends and you wonder 'How'

Such men exist... But does the same man indulge in all of the above? I don't know. In this movie, Mandar is the embodiment of all such men. I laughed when I heard the name 'Mandar'- such a typical Marathi name. And you wouldn't imagine he is a player looking at him. But he knows the moves and plays the game well. Till, he becomes old. And thankfully instead of turning into that sleazy uncle (we all have one), he decides to grow up. 

I liked it when Trupti tells him- how does it matter if it's arranged or love marriage? Ultimately, it's about trust. It's either there or it's not. So true. 

Why does a man (mainly) go for arranged marriage in today's times?
- He couldn't find anyone who agreed to fall in love and marry him
- All the past relationships fell apart for one reason or the other
- The parents will not agree to love marriage and he is too chicken to stand up to his parents
- The parents did not like the girlfriend's looks/caste/money/family/past etc etc and the guy is too much of a chicken to marry her against their wishes
- The parents did not like the girl and since they are filthy rich the guy will not go against them... because jaaydaad (inheritance)
- The parents are filthy rich so the guy will live with his parents and it is in his best interest to marry someone they like 
- He wants to have sex but does not have a girl
- He is almost 30 and tired of everyone asking him about marriage
- He is gay 
- He is impotent
- He is so fat that no self respecting woman will marry him so his parents will 'buy' a bride who is fat or poor or both 
- He has AIDS

Above are the only reason anyone goes for arrange marriage. Everything else is bullshit. Yes, I know of someone for each instance and I really wish I was kidding. 

Radhika Apte is super awesome. Looking forward to more of her movies. Gulshan Devaiah is too good. He could be creepy but he is not. You kind of get why women fall for him. And his Marathi accent is perfect. Superb.

I really enjoyed the movie and don't understand what's wrong with the critics. It's a fun and enjoyable movie with a really catchy title track. Go watch it, please. 

And no, it's not soft porn. In fact, there a few scenes only and none of them titillate or anything. It's a comedy about someone whose life revolves around sex. 


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