Chashme Badoor Old

Why am I reviewing a movie released in 1981? Because I watched it in the theatre and it deserves a review.
I hate to put the "old" tag in the title... all 'coz some moron decided to "re-make" the movie. Like you can "re-make" classics. These film makers never learn.

We all know it is a classic. But why?

- It is a heartening tale about bachelors living... like bachelors... with hardly any money
- We all know about eve teasing in Delhi. The hero's friend is a flirt... who follows girls... whistles at them... does everything that is uncool. And yet we all laugh at him. It is all in good fun
- In one of the scenes Rakesh Bedi is wearing a tee shirt with holes... so damn authentic. In today's movies, everyone is well dressed even in bed and when they wake up in the morning
- All the characters repeat their clothes
- The romance between Farooq and Dipti Naval is so innocent
- Loved seeing Delhi of 1981... it looks the same... wide, empty roads... Lodi Gardens... a house with front yard... etc etc

If you not seen it 'coz you belong to the younger generation... please pick up the CD now.

I cannot think of one thing to criticize in the movie.


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