After reading mixed reviews I watched this movie.
The story is about a guy - Emraan and his wife- Vidya Balan. Emraan was a thief until he gave it up. He gets a call for one last robbery from 2 guys- Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das (Ranbir's friend in Wake up Sid) which will give him enough money to last his entire life. He agrees with some persuasion from Vidya. The robbery is successful and it is decided that Emraan will hide the money for 3 months until things die down. They will then split it among themselves. After 3 months, the 2 men contact Emraan and discover he has lost his memory. He does not remember where he has hidden the money.

And so starts the whole confusion. The movie then becomes a chase for the money. It is full of suspense too 'coz there are a few suspects- those who could have stolen the money from Emraan.
Until the last 15 mins, everything is great.... not just great, it is fabulous. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happened to the money... and then a new character is introduced... and everything seems random. It is like the director/writer got lazy and decided to just wrap up.

The chemistry between Emraan and Vidya is awesome. The loud Punjabi act, flamboyant and over the top fashion is something she can only carry off. Emraan as the sensible husband and Vidya as the over the top wife make a good couple. Rajesh Sharma is awesome but he has done many smaller roles. The surprise is Namit Das... he is truly awesome and I hope to see him as a lead in some movie.

I am not sure if I should recommend it as a watch or not. Oh well... watch it... watch it for the characters, if not the story.

Who knew that someday I would recommend Emraan's movie!!!


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