Finally, I watched this movie. I was in 2 minds about it... I am glad I saw it today.
The story is predictable.... 4 people are in need of money for various reasons. The first half covers each of their lives and problems. In the 2nd half, they meet Punjaban (Richa Chadda) for a get rich quick scheme... Except it goes horribly wrong and they fall deeper in debt... worse, in Punjaban's debt who is into everything illegal. Everything works out well in the end.

What works is the cast- awesome actors. Why do star kids get breaks when there are more talented people around?
Pulkit Samrat as Hunny is awesome. I have not watched his 1st movie- Bittoo Boss but might just download it now. He is very good looking and fits into the role of a naughty, constantly failing school going kid.
Ali Fazal as Zafar is very, very good. His acting is subtle, controlled and he is the calm one in the group. He was 'Joy' in 3 idiots.

Manjot Singh as 'Lali' is excellent. I am sure everyone remembers him from 'Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!'. He was the teenage Abhay Deol. I hope he gets more such good roles.
Varun Sharma as Choocha is the best. He is very, very funny. Remember 'liquid' from 'Pyaar ka punchnama'? Something like that.

Richa Chadda is so good. I wish she gets more lead roles... would hate to see her relegated to supporting cast. She is too good. There was not one line off...

The feel of the movie is very authentic... houses in interiors of delhi... seeing the metro from the bedroom windows... most people (from outside) get to see only the wide, good, green roads. If you go into the interiors, it is not a pretty picture. Bungalows, where different families stay on the top and bottom floor... terraces joined together making it easy for thieves to enter houses through this route... and making it unsafe. .. Delhi people placing a premium on looks, money and status.
In the movie, Lali's gf does not introduce him to her friends 'coz she is studying in a posh college while he is doing a correspondence course. She is ashamed of him. It reminded me of a friend from Delhi who had narrated an incident. He had asked a girl out and she agreed... when they went to his car, she realized he drives an 800. She made excuses and left.... never to be seen again. That's Delhi.

I loved the movie... it was housefull today which is a surprise considering that it is the 2nd week. Who says stars are needed to make a hit? Give us a strong cast, a decent story and preferably set in Delhi (Mumbai has lost its charm... Delhi is in vogue now) and it will be a guaranteed hit.

Must watch!!! I giving 1 star less 'coz it could have been edited better. Sometimes, it felt like the movie is dragging and taking too much time to get to the point. Its like the producer/director like the jokes so much they decided to add a few more.


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