Ankur Arora Murder Case

I missed this flick in the theatre and downloaded it over the weekend. I was looking forward to it because it stars Tisca Chopra and Kay Kay Menon... also, it seemed like a sensible and realistic movie.

The flick is based on a real life case of medical negligence. Ankur is a kid who is admitted to the hospital for an appendix operation. Kay Kay Menon is a high profile surgeon and messes up the operation. Actually, Ankur eats a few biscuits (without his mother's knowledge- Tisca Chopra) before the operation. The nurse informs Kay Kay who forgets to do the necessary procedure for this problem. Ankur goes into a coma and eventually dies. Arjun Mathur and Vishakha Singh are the interns and lovers. Vishakha is in the operating room when this happens. Arjun Mathur is the 'hero' and decides to take on Kay Kay Menon. The case goes to court.
Thats where it gets unrealistic. Tisca's lawyer is having an affair with Kay Kay's lawyer and planning to lose the case. But the lovers fight and break up. The lawyer starts taking the case seriously thereafter but Kay Kay's people tamper with the evidence and they lose the case. Vishakha Singh finally steps up and confesses.

The movie is too 'Bollywoodish'... the court case is ridiculous. It is less of an 'art' movie and more of Bollywood. Though, all the actors are good... Vishakha... Arjun.. Kay Kay... Tisca.



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