D Day

I was looking forward to this movie.... after all, it stars Irrfan Khan and the reviews have rated it highly. KC and I went for the late night show- 11 pm.
The movie starts off well. The story is about 4 RAW agents who come to Pakistan to capture Dawood and bring him to India alive. They get the opportunity when he ventures out from his mansion to attend his son's wedding. Everything is planned well... except it goes wrong. Do the 4 manage to bring him to India?

I guess not... since he is still ALIVE and in Pakistan. How can you make a fictional movie on someone who is alive? I am sure he is watching it in his mansion and laughing at our stupidity. 'Coz, stupid it is.

The movie is too long (even for 2.5 hours)... the songs are unnecessary... so are all the back stories. Who cares about the agents' love stories? The track with Shruti Hassan is unnecessary. Remember 'A Wednesday'? Did we know about the cops love story or Nasseruddin's back story? No... 'coz thats not the point. What motivates them is not the point. They are expected to their jobs and put their lives in danger irrespective of the emotional pull. But, thats the biggest problem in Bollywood. Most directors cannot resist its pull.
Nilkhil Advani was not the right director for this script. It needed someone like Neeraj Pandey. Nikhil Advani has directed Kal Ho Naa Ho, Salaam-e-Ishq, Chandni Chowk to China, Patiala House etc- all of them absolute mind fucks.

The actors are all excellent- Arjun Rampal excels in these kind of roles... which expect him to be wooden... anything more and he is crap... Huma is obviously good... Irrfan plays his complex character well... he is the only actor who does justice to complexities in a character... anyone remember playing the father in Banegi Apni Baat? I loved him even then... Shruti Hassan looks well and plays her part well.... Rishi Kapoor is playing the best roles of his career... wish he would lose some weight though... it won't do him any harm.

All in all... I found the movie ridiculous. It could have been our answer to USA's 'Zero Dark Thirty'... unfortunately, it is far from it. Lets atleast wait for Dawood to die and then take credit for brining him down. Until then, it is ridiculous.

Please avoid.


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