The only reason we watched this movie was because we bought tickets in buy 1 get 1 free offer on We paid 260 bucks for 2 tickets.
I am not keen on Prakash Jha movies. He messed up Chakravyuh big time though I did like Rajneeti a lot. He also tends to repeat his actors which is not so bad because Arjun Rampal gives the best performance in his movies.

This flick is about corruption and the battle against it. 

Amitabh's son is killed in an accident. The minister (Manoj Bajpai) announces 25 lakh as compensation. Amrita Rao (the bahu) starts doing the rounds of the govt office to collect the money. Amitabh gets frustrated and slaps the collector which lands him in jail. Ajay Devgan (Amitabh's son's friend), Kareena (a journalist) and Arjun Rampal (a local politician) get together and get him out of prison. They run a mass campaign on all social media to gather support. It works. The politician has to apologize. Thats when all the preaching starts. Ajay Devgan gives away all the money to join Amitabh in his fight against corruption. Then comes an unnecessary kiss with Kareena. Imagine this- an old, fat Ajay kisses Kareena. Yuck!!! Thats when I switched off.
We walked out of the theatre.

Please avoid. Some things which I did not understand:
- An item number in the beginning
- Ajay Devgan's sudden change of heart... why would he give away 6000 crore of money????
- Why was Amrita Rao following Amitabh around? I get it that he is old but... he can walk without support

The only saving grace is Manoj Bajpai but it is a role he has played before.



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