The Attacks of 26/11

I have just shifted cities (from Mumbai to Gurgaon) and so the cable connection is not up. We couldn't get tickets to Madras Cafe (all booked) and so picked up this CD.
I had heard good reviews about it ... and KC has watched a little bit earlier.

The movie starts with Nana Patekar as Rakesh Maria (Joint Commissioner Of Police) narrating the incidents as they happened. It goes on to show the sequence of events as they happened on that fateful day. There are very little dialogues... and a lot of background music. The music sounded very familiar... I think it has been used in many Ram Gopal movies. Shouldn't every movie have a different background music? If you have read the book on 26/11 or followed the events when they happened, there is nothing that you don't know already. Ram Gopal does not get into the before (planning/why/where/how) and after (Pakistan govt/terrorism) of the event. The movie just shows the attacks as they happen.

Ram Gopal has used his weird camera angles even here... I understand that they look different and create a different look in the scene... but every movie? There is no research done... at all... All Ram has done is .. maybe a few interviews with the cops and lots of reading the newspapers. Thats it... and it shows.

He could have done so much more... there are no movies being made on this topic... he could have taken his time and made something less mediocre.

If you read newspapers, you don't need to watch this one.


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