We are the Millers

I downloaded this movie last weekend. Why spend money in the theatre when everything is available online? I am glad I did because some people had written good reviews about it.

The movie is about a drug dealer (Jason Sudeikis) who is forced to smuggle marijuana to Mexico. He hires a stripper (Jennifer Anniston) to play his wife, a runway teenage girl (Emma Roberts) to play his daughter and his teenage neighbour (Will Poulter) to play his son. He hires a van and they all head off to Mexico. The authorities will not be suspicious of a family travelling together. We got bored mid way since it is full of Hollywood cliches. Obviously, they all fall in love and end up together as a family. Duh!!! I don't need to sit through the entire movie to know that.

Why do actresses like Jennifer Anniston star in such dumb flicks? I watched it only 'coz of her. Sigh!!!



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