KC asked me to watch this flick. According to him, Inkaar has been taken from this movie. Michael Douglas and Demi Moore and sexual harassment. Sounded interesting.

No... Inkaar has not been copied from this one. I think Andaz which stars Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor is based on this flick.

The movie is not about sexual harassment. It is about power and ambition. Michael is expecting a promotion in the company but Demi Moore is brought in from outside by the CEO and given the position. Michael and Demi had a passionate fling many years back but Michael is happily married now. She forces herself onto him and that is one scene you have to watch. It should be on your 'bucket list'. Anyway, Michael refuses to give in and she files a harassment case. Michael, of course, wins but it is not over yet. The CEO, HR and Demi plan to sack him by accusing him on incompetence but Michael is one step ahead. Tables are turned and Demi is sacked instead. This part is like a Bollywood movie.

It is worth a watch... and the harassment scene is a must watch.


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