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Finally, I watched the much awaited movie. We could not get tickets for Saturday or Sunday day shows and had to watch it on Sunday night.
I had read so many good reviews... and only good reviews... a first for any movie. I was intrigued and damn sure it will be an entertaining Sunday night.

The movie is about a widowed Irrfan Khan and an unhappily married Nimrat Kaur. She is trying to woo her husband by cooking delicacies for him. One such tiffin reaches Irrfan instead. He is pleasantly surprised since a small eatery delivers tiffin to him. On realizing the mistake, Nimrat sends a note along with the tiffin and the exchange starts. They do not meet throughout the movie... not even at the end. Both of them are lonely and stuck in a prison like life. All they can do is go on. In the end, Nimrat tries to meet Irrfan but he has left the city and then Irrfan rushes to meet her but she is planning to leave the city. What happens in the end? I don't know. I am still scratching my head (not in a good way). Throughout, I was sure the end/climax will blow my mind away. There were moments when the movie dragged but I waited for the end. The end does not make sense... at all. What happens next? Can I please get some closure.

Despite all the raving, I did not like it. Yes, I appreciate the entire movie except for the end.
I forgot to mention Nawazzudin Siddiqui. He is awesome and antithesis of Irrfan. He is garrulous and provides comic relief. Also, Bharati Achrekar's famous voice is a character in itself.


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