B A Pass

I read good reviews about this movie but did not watch in the theatre. I don't always like to watch dark movies on a weekend. Anyone can watch maximum 2 movies over a weekend... that is 4-6 hours... replacing some other fun activity. Obviously, watching this flick was not a priority.

Starring Shilpa Shukhla (from Chak de India) and Shadab Kamal (newcomer) in a lead role, the movie is about a guy struggling to come to terms with his circumstances. Mukesh loses his parents... his bua takes him in reluctantly but his sisters are put in a home after his grandfather also passes away. His bua's friend- Sarika seduces him in and makes him his sex slave.... she teaches him everything about sex and then starts loaning him to her 'friends' for money. I don't know whether he enjoys it or not... he is just happy to be earning lots of money. He plans to rent a place so that his sisters can stay with him. Since it is an art movie, he does not get a happy ending. Sarika's husband finds out... Mukesh's friend Johnny (Dibyendu Bhattacharya- Dev D) betrays him and his life becomes a nightmare which has a horrible ending.

Sigh!!! I refuse to believe that someone's life can be so bad that he does not come across even one moment of happiness.
Some pertinent questions I would like to ask- Why did he trust Sarika completely? It didn't seem like he even liked or cared for her.
Why could he not try to earn money in clean ways since he disliked having sex with housewives so much?
Why couldn't his sisters earn money and fend for themselves?

Thank god, I didn't spend money on this flick.
And why does the director think anyone would want to watch such a dark movie? I doubt even the critics watched it... or maybe they did.. for the sex scenes.

All the actors are good. I just think the story is not good enough.



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