12 years a slave

This was the 2nd last movie on my 'Oscar nominated' list. The last one is Captain Philips. After 2-3 weeks of downloading it, I finally watched it this Sunday. KC was out and mom in law was around. What better way to avenge all the hours of Marathi TV but by turning on this flick.

As the title mentions the story is about a man who is a slave for 12 years. Chiwetel Ejiofor plays Solomon Northup who is a carpenter and fiddle player in New York. He has a wife and 2 kids. Two men drug and kidnap him and sell him as a slave. I won't get into details because we all know this part. He is abused, beaten, tortured... and then he manages to send a letter to New York. After 12 years of becoming a slave, he is freed.

Thats the movie. After this, Solomon goes to court to punish his captors and the slavers but they are acquitted. He also helps other slaves escape.

The part that excited me most was the above one... where Solomon becomes free, tries to get the slavers punished and helps other slaves escape.

Thats the problem with Oscar movies... they are made with the intention of awards. The most boring part of the story is made into a movie. Thank god I didn't watch it in the theatre. 
It was so damn boring.


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