I watched this flick on Friday night after reading all the reviews and well, loved it.

Kangana has killed it. But, let me not get ahead of myself. 

Lets start at the beginning.

The movie is about a girl from Rajouri who gets dumped at the altar by her fiancé. She is a simple minded, innocent, naive girl who has always done the right thing... listened to her parents, studied home science and scored good marks, never worn short clothes etc etc. But, she gets dumped. Her fiancé, well played by Rajkummar Rao, is working (or is it studying?) at London and realizes that Rani (Kangna) does not fit into his world/status now. He calls her to a coffee shop 2 days before the wedding (mehendi rasam day) and calls it off. And then switches off his phone. She is devastated. In fact, she had saved up money for a honeymoon to Paris and Amsterdam and the tickets are booked. It was her dream to go to Paris... so, she takes off for her own honeymoon alone.
There she meets Lisa Hayden who helps her out and they hang out together. I won't get into further details... the movie is not about a particular event or the climax or even a destination. It is about the journey... about who Rani was... and who she ultimately becomes... from being escorted by her brother everywhere to going to Paris and Amsterdam alone and making friends on her own... there is no story... it is a beautiful journey which will make you laugh, cry and cheer for Rani.

I loved... loved... loved it. Rajkummar as the creepy, selfish fiancé who comes grovelling back is superb. I don't think anyone would have played the role so well. I hated him when he left her and then sympathised when he cried for her. He is that convincing.

But the winner is Kangana. Everyone knows she is a good actress but she does not get enough good roles. Not one line/gesture/expression is off. She plays the Rajouri girl to perfection... even her body language is like that. And it is difficult to play since she is an actress... a fashion icon. There is a scene where she is standing... and she does not stand like an actress but like a normal, simple person. Her comic timing is quite good... I specially loved the scene where Rajkummar is asking her to take him back... too good.

I am loving 2014... first Hasee toh phasee and now this.... and that too played by newcomers or the under dogs. The audience has spoken... Bollywood industry should hear and cast such actors more. We don't want the made up actresses... we want real people.

I have to compare Highway with Queen. Both are stories about women's journey and their transformation. In Highway, that connect does not happen... we do not know who Alia was and who she becomes... I did not find the journey changing or touching her in anyway. Rahman's music alone cannot do it and scenes where she talks to herself to let the audience know she is changing are pretty dumb. While in Queen, the transformation is gradual... one step at a time... and so natural. Kangana does not have to say anything... the audience connects with her.

And lastly, the music. Amit Trivedi is the God of Music. His music does not remain the same for each film. Example, with Rahman... you listen to any song and you know it is Rahman's song. But Amit's music blends into the film... it matches the film and not him. He does not have a signature and every film sounds different- Dev D, Lootera, Udaan, Wake Up Sid, Aisha, Kai Po Che, Queen. Queen's music is very, very good.

Thats it... I cannot praise it any further. Just go and watch it.


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