Thelma and Louise

If I would have known this movie won an Oscar, I would never have watched it... ever.

But as things stand... I was looking forward to this movie since it stars Susan Sarandon.

The filum is about 2 friends- Geena Davis and Susan who decide to take a 2 days vacation together. Geena is married to a tyrant of a husband and leaves without telling him... she only leaves a note. Geena is a happy go lucky person who loves to flirt while Susan is uptight and cautious. They stop at a bar and thats when things start to go downhill. A guy flirts with Geena, gets her drunk and then tries to rape her. Susan finds her just in time and then shoots the guy when he abuses them. There is no stopping them.... they plan to run off to Mexico and on the way steal a store and blow off a truck. Law catches up and when they have the option between surrendering or throwing themselves off a cliff, they choose the latter.

Sad!!! What was that all about? What was the point of the movie? And why is Brad Pitt in a tiny role?



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