Riding in cars with boys

The movie is based on an autobiography by Beverly Donfrio. 

It stars Drew Barrymore as Bev. At 15, she gets pregnant and the father is a loser Ray - Steve Zahn. She is forced to marry him even though she wants to move to New York and become a writer. The flick is about how she is struggling to cope up... there are many times when her son is a hindrance to the life she wants... Ray is always getting into the way of her dreams... and she misses opportunities to go to college and leave her current life.

In the end, she does move to New York with her son and writes an autobiography. She meets Ray (who is still a loser) to get his signature on a legal waiver for the book. Her son Jason- Adam Garcia accuses her of being a bad mother. They figure things out in the end.

The movie is ok... I was more interested in knowing how she moves to New York and improves her life but the movie does not cover that part. It directly jumps to the part where she has written a book.

Strictly ok.


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