Why this movie? Because was I curious to watch the movie sent for Oscars. Honestly, I don't know anyone who has watched this flick... and yet wikipedia says that there was 90% occupancy in theatres... critics have raved about it... it won many awards at Zee Cine and Star (not at Filmfare though).

The movie is directed by Amol Palekar and stars Rani Mukherji and Shahrukh Khan in leading roles.

It is based on a short story written by Vijayadan Detha. Rani is a newly wed bride on the way to her husband's (Shahrukh) house when a ghost falls in love with her. Her husband is not interested in anything but making money and leaves the day after the wedding for a far away place for 5 years. Rani is devastated. The ghost sees an opportunity and takes the form of Shahrukh and returns home from the trip. He confesses to Rani that he is not really her husband but a ghost who loves her. She is happy to see someone so in love with her and accepts him. Everything is ok for 4 years and Rani even gets pregnant. After 4 years, the real husband returns and everyone is puzzled. They go to the king for a resolution and meet a shepherd on the way. He devices tests for both husbands to prove who is the correct one and manages to trap the ghost in a water bottle.

When the 'real' husband returns home, Rani confesses that she knew the other guy was a ghost all along. But guess what, the ghost has entered the husband's body and will stay with Rani forever. Why didnt he think of this before????

If I would have read this as a short story (maybe in my Hindi class) I would have thoroughly enjoyed it. I can imagine this hilarious and imaginative story making me laugh. BUT, it does not work as a movie... a 2 hour movie specially and definitely not with mainstream actors. I have written the review of Mirch which has many stories in the movie and the 1st one starring Konkona and Prem Chopra is also based on a short story... but it works... and quite well at that.

Problem no 1: In traditional households women are married off when they are 18... even younger. Rani looks all of 30 years and cannot pass off as 18. Same for Shahrukh. Why can't actors play their age? Botox cannot make you look 20 years younger.

Problem no 2: Instead of making the movie seem hilarious, the director has tried to make it realistic. By that I mean, you should be laughing at the actors even when they are sad or unhappy instead the director has made it seem like the emotions are genuine. C'mon, it is a movie in which a human being falls in love with a ghost.

Problem no 3: The songs are crap... and there are soooo many of them. This could have been a movie without songs... easily.

What I liked... the movie is set in Rajasthan... the location, costumes, accents seem authentic. I loved that aspect of it.

How could this movie have been our representation at the Oscars? All the people who nominated it should be banned from Bollywood. 2005 had many good movies-

  • Black (I didn't like it personally)
  • Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi
  • Black Friday (my favorite of the lot)
  • Mangal Pandey (haven't seen it)
  • My Brother Nikhil (superb)
  • Page 3 (Why not)
  • Parineeta (commercial but better than this fiasco)
  • Sarkar (if Godfather can win an Oscar, why can't its remake?)
Oscar winning movies have a depth... they are generally based on real life events... and are sad. If imaginative, they have to go the whole hog. You cannot have a ghost who is superman... can do everything and yet be completely human and have kids. Seriously!!!

1 star for the costumes, setting and authentic accents. 


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