Let me first admit that I am biased when it comes to this movie. I am a believer of equal rights for men and women which in today's times means that am a feminist.
I cannot stand a Singham or a Dabaang but give me a woman as the main lead in something similar and I will lap it up.... or rather pay to watch it.
Honestly, basis the reviews I wasn't too keen to watch it. I really, really wanted to watch Katiyabaaz today (watching it tomorrow) but hubby suggested and I thought; "Why not, it is Rani Mukherjee after all".

I have not been liking Rani these days... she is ageing, has gained weight (do not like actresses gaining weight  despite all the gym facilities available to them because it reminds me that it could happen to me also) and has these dark spots on her face.... I noticed them for the 1st time in Talaash... even make up cannot cover them.
BUT... she is a fabulous actress and that is the only thing that matters.

The movie is about a cop in Mumbai crime branch - Shivani. She abuses like a man... does push ups better than a man (someday... I will learn how to do them ... like her)... and has complete support of her family. None of the Airtel ads type nonsense where she has to cook and clean and her husband complains about her hours. Thank goodness for that. Someone close to her is kidnapped and trafficked by a well connected gang and Shivani is determined to find her. In the end... she does find them... and very cleverly.

The first half is fast paced and there is never a dull moment. It starts dragging in the 2nd half slightly... and the end, where she starts explaining to the villain how she found him is kind of clich├ęd. The action is real... Shivani beats up goons and at the same time takes blows. There is no stupidity like Rohit Shetty films when it comes to action. The villain is a complete psycho and played exceptionally well by Tahir Bhasin.

Go watch it. I pledge to pay for all movies with women in leading roles... on the condition that they are good, of course. I need to explain because Ragini MMS 2 stars Sunny Leone in a leading role and I am NOT watching that crap.

More power to women... from a woman.
Also need to mention that the movie has been produced by Aditya Chopra. Am glad that their marriage means that he will produce women oriented movies starring Rani. Much needed in the film industry today.


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