Begin Again

I missed this flick in the theatres.... don't know why. The movie stars Keira Knightley, Mark Ruffalo and Adam Levine.

Keira comes to New York with Adam from England. They are dating and he is on his way to becoming a big singer. But he cheats on her and she walks out.

The night before she is to leave for England, she meets Mark in a bar and he wants to produce her music. Mark was fired from his job for not signing any new artists for 7 years and is divorced.
When Mark's partner is not convinced about the album, Mark decides to record the album live at public places in New York. What follows is some very good music. The rest is kind of predictable... Keira still loves Adam who wants to get back together but she realizes he has sold out to fame and money. Mark likes Keira but she does not reciprocate and he makes up with his wife.
In the end, Keira distributes her album online for 1 dollar instead of selling it through a music company.

A feel good movie... predictable but loved the music. Do watch it.


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