I came across this flick on itunes and decided to watch it. It stars Naseeruddin Shah, Smita Patil, Farooq Shaikh, Supriya Pathak and Bharat Kapoor. It released in 1982 (before I was born) and addresses the issue of men from Gulf buying young, nubile girls from poor parents.
The issue still remains... I know of women who were/almost were given off to rich, not so great men (old/fat/balding) because the parents were poor.

Smita is pushed into prostitution by her mother since that is more honourable than being a servant (of the irony!!!) but runs away to Mumbai after Bharat Kapoor falls in love with her. He doesn't marry her because of his parents opposition and puts her up in a flat of his friend B.L Chopra. Chopra is quite old and Bharat needs his help to be financially independent. Chopra decides to get married but he wants someone very young and Bharat requests Smita to find someone from Hyderabad (her hometown). Chopra, happily married, would mean that Bharat would be able to get married to Smita.
Nasseruddin loves Smita for 6 years but she does not reciprocate. He decides to join the group in the bride hunt to Hyderabad where Chopra likes Supriya. Now Supriya is only 16, in love with Farooq and her parents are very poor. They agree to the wedding against Supriya's wishes. Initially, Smita arranges the wedding and there is a deal for money and stuff but after Naseer abuses all of them for buying women, she tries to break off the wedding. But the wedding does happen and Supriya kills herself on the honeymoon night.

I am ok with the story and all since I thought it is an art movie. But apparently this is a commercial flick... it has tacky dialogues (very, very bad... I was laughing during the intense scenes), songs (too many of them) and the actors won Filmfare awards. 1982 must have been a bad year for movies.
What I did appreciate were the actors... they were all perfect... the Hyderabadi accent was perfect...

Giving 1 star for the acting.


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