All the reviews on all websites were positive for this flick on Friday morning. Even my trusted Raja Sen's review on was largely positive. Must say, Kapoor and family have very strong PR. And then I read/saw Anupama Chopra's review on film companion (youtube) and she had given it 2.5 stars though the review was largely positive.

I had no intention of spending money on this... but then KC wanted to watch it. On Saturday, I had eaten dinner by 7 pm (like am supposed to), was watching 'The Office' and getting ready for bed when KC expressed the desire to watch it. Well... so we went. I don't let him watch action movies in the theatre... he should atleast get his fix of chick flicks. :P

Anupama has called this movie like a 'Mills and Boon' novel. I completely agree. The whole premise of the movie is to get the lead actors drunk and together alone so they can kiss. Which is what a M&B novel is all about. How else will the lead characters, who have absolutely nothing in common, get together and fall in love?

But first things first. Milli is a physiotherapist from Delhi who works with cricketers during IPL and stuff. Basically, she earns tons of money to be able to afford all those pretty clothes. And since she is from Delhi she is of course fashion forward and can carry off trends like - print on print, color blocking etc. Yep, the clothes/stylist/ budget was more than that of the entire movie. The script writer probably got peanuts.

Fawad Khan is a Prince in a small village of Rajasthan... his mom runs the palace and everyone's lives. While the father is paralyzed waist down. That is where Milli comes in. She has to help him recover but he does not want to. *Un necessary back story which am not going to waste my time on *

Milli is muh fat... there is no filter between her thoughts and her mouth and that is what the whole movie is about.

I am not going to put the story here... you can just watch the original 'Khoobsurat' for that. In the end, all is well and Milli and Fawad kiss happily ever after with everyone's blessings.

Some things I need to mention here... else I will die:

- Milli is a Delhi girl. Delhi women carry pepper sprays with them. Not kidding. But Milli only dresses like a Delhi woman... she enters a dilapidated building with a strange man... and also drinks a soft drink offered to her. ALL women know you should not drink anything offered by a strange man. But this is the Disney world ...
- Milli's idea of bonding with the house staff is to shake her booti with them and sing 'mera bum dole'. As much as I like the song it comes off as cheap in the movie. So, she is not shallow because she can shake her assets with them? Ugh, please
- Milli and Fawad first kiss when she is drunk. What kind of gentleman kisses a woman when she is drunk? The worst kind... ugh!!!
- They kiss for the 2nd time when they are drunk again...
- How do things progress from kiss to marriage in today's time and age? Whatever happened to dating and sex? Why are such regressive movies getting made? Isn't it enough that they date happily?
- Kirron Kher, please retire. I don't like stereotypes and you have done a lot of disservice to all Punjabi mothers. Stop!!! Enough already.
- I thought we were over the times when actresses couldn't act. Deepika has stepped up the game and learned to act. Alia is getting better. Is it even on Sonam's priority list?
- Last, not watching another remake of a classic again. I loved 'Khoobsurat'. It was funny... with cliches that work. I hate calling it - the original 'Khoobsurat'.

I actually puked after the movie. It was a combination of the headache and the horrible masala chai from CCD.
1 star for the songs. They are very good except 'Abhi toh party shuru huyi hai'.


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