Bang Bang

I wondered how bad can this movie get and downloaded it online. To make it interesting I also posted a twitter review... scene by scene for 44 mins 19 secs. After which I realized my life and time is too precious for crap. I'd rather do anything else than watch further and turned it off. 

And here are the tweets:

Hrithik steals the Kohinoor and is playing with it on the street. Stupid/over confident/middle finger to British?

incentous dadi... Watching Katrina taking a shower. Well, everyone has hormones

I want to slap this daadi

I think daadi and Hrithik mile huye hain

Katrina works at govt bank. When was the last time anyone saw a hot govt employee?

Katrina cannot speak proper English but has an accent. Confused desi?

covers sexual harrassment at work. No, seriously... It does.

Katrina finding a match online. Sigh. The director has not even 'tried' to be real

Hrithik making a deal on Kohinoor in Shimla. This makes no sense. What happened to Delhi?

Horny daadi. I like her

Background music bhi Hollywood se copy kiya hai?

Background music sounds like the one they play at my gym. Did a trainer compose it?

How can I get curls like Hrithik's? Which leave in does he use?

Katrina got stood up at her date. Are they kidding me? And she thinks Hrithik is her date. Like THAT is the guy u meet online

Hrithik is like one of those hot guys of Delhi NCR. You want to slap him as soon as opens his mouth to talk

Govt has CCTV in dhaba at Shimla. Yeah right!!!

Katrina has not left Shimla. Dilli hi chali jaati. Badi achi jagah hai.

Dialogues copied from ZNMD except Hrithik saying them to Katrina this time.

Now comes the song whose lyrics, dance and music do NOT go together

Was the movie sponsored by Himachal govt to increase tourism in Shimla?

The hero and villain are not discreet at all. Are they trying to get caught?

And here comes the date. Now THAT'S the kind of guy you meet online

Slap him Kat. If you have any self respect you will slap Hrithik for lying to u and asking for a kiss

Do these guys think its a James Bond movie where Bond gets to sleep with whoever

Ok, am done. I love myself too much to watch the rest. I lasted 44 mins 19 sec

I am going with zero stars. You may argue that Hrithik has acted well. I don't think so... I can digest Salman in Dabaang... Ajay Devgan in Singham... but Hrithik in Bang Bang? Too far fetched. He is better than this. I don't want to encourage him to keep working in movies like this by appreciating his acting.
You have serious self esteem issues if you watched this one... and if you liked it? God help you.


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