Anupama Chopra had rated this movie highly and I really wanted to watch it. But, its not the kind of movie you watch in a theatre. A theatre will spoil the mood with all the ads and interval and popcorn smell.

Its a movie to be watched when you are in a zone... maybe when you are high. I was glued to it... I did not take a bathroom or water break throughout. Its that great.

The movie was shot over a 12 year period... really... 12 years. It traces the lives of Mason Jr played by Ellar Coltrane and sister Samantha played by Lorelei Linklater.
It starts in 2002 when their mother Olivia played by Patricia Arquette is arguing with her boyfriend on how she does not have time to go out with him and she is responsible for the kids. Mason is 6 and Samantha maybe 8 or 9. Their father Mason Sr- Ethan Hawke is away in Alaska for work and parents are divorced. They move to Houston where Olivia marries her professor, gets a degree and lives with her new hubby and his 2 kids. But he becomes abusive and she divorces him.
Life goes on... Olivia gets a job as a Professor... marries again... gets divorced again... Mason Sr marries and has a kid... Mason Jr shifts school, dates, does normal teenage stuff... ditto for Samantha.

The movie is not a story... it is a life story... it takes us through a normal American family and their ups and downs. There is no over dramatization or exceptional events. It is just life happening while we watch them.

I love... love... loved it.


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