Gone Girl

This movie plays with your mind. It is twisted and scary and has to be the most scary movie I have watched in recent times. It is about so many things- effects of recession on marriage, being married to a sociopath and a killer, the shallowness of the media.

Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dunne who is married to Amy played by Rosamund Pike. The movie starts with Amy's diary where she is writing about how she met Nick and how happy they were. Then recession hit and both lose their jobs. Nick's mother is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and he decides to move back home to take care of her. It is a move that Amy resents and feels alienated. Thats when cracks appear in their marriage.
One morning she goes missing from the house. Nick calls the cops but slowly all the evidence points against him. The cops suspect him of murdering Amy and hiding the body. Then his sister gets to know about his affair with one his students.
But it is not as simple as that. Apparently Amy has been planning this for months now. She has planned meticulously to frame Nick for her murder because thats what a lying, cheating husband deserves. I would be inclined to agree with her except that Nick was planning to leave her and she does not want him to leave.
And this is till the interval. Yep... there is more. But I don't want to reveal the spoilers.
The end is of course unexpected, unpredictable and shocking.
Till it is revealed that Amy was framing Nick, she comes across as a normal woman.

It is a twisted and dark movie... but one I thoroughly enjoyed. I promptly bought the original novel written by Gillian Flynn and started reading it.
Don't miss this one... there is a reason everyone is talking about it on twitter and the theatres are housefull even in the 2nd week.


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