The Big Hero 6

I wanted to watch this flick since I first saw the trailer.
Big Hero 6 is a 3D Disney movie based on a Marvel comics character.
Hiro is a child genius at 14 who is into robot fighting which wins him money. His older brother, Tadashi, studies robotics at university. He takes Hiro to his lab and introduces him to his friends and professor. Hiro is very, very impressed and decides to apply at the university by exhibiting his robot at the exhibition. He has designed microbots which can do anything and everything and are controlled by a neurological transmitter. His project impresses the professor and he is offered a seat in the university. It also impresses the owner of a robotics company, Alistair Krei. But Hiro refuses to sell the microbots to Krei.

After the exhibition there is a fire in the lab and Tadashi rushes in to save Professor but there is a blast and Tadashi is killed in it.
While mourning in his room few weeks later, Hiro manages to activate Baymax. Baymax is the robot created by Tadashi to help sick people. He is activated when someone cries out of anguish or pain. Hiro and Baymax become good friends during the movie. Hiro discovers one single microbot in his jacket which is trying to go somewhere and he and Baymax follow it to an old, abandoned warehouse. There, they find more such microbots being produced and a guy in a mask makes the microbots attack Hiro but he and Baymax escape. Somebody, possibly Krei, stole the microbots by causing the fire and his brother's death was not completely an accident.
Tadashi's friends- Fred, Honey, Wasabi and Gogo decide to find the masked man and hand him over to the cops. They do manage to do that but lose Baymax.
But... Hiro has Baymax's chip and he manages to recreate it.

The movie is really cute... Baymax is very cute. He reminded me of 'Sheldon' (The Big Bang Theory) in many scenes. The story is interesting and different and there is a twist in the 2nd half. But its a predictable twist. The villain does not come across very ferocious. But all that can be forgiven considering how enjoyable the movie is.


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