Kill Dil

I had decided not to watch this movie after Sahil Rizwan (of The Vigil Idiot fame... don't know Vigil Idiot? You are living under a rock) posted a nasty comment on twitter. "Thank God"; I thought. "Money saved". But then Anupama Chopra gave it 3 stars. AC is the most reliable reviewer there is. Even though she is married to Vidhu Vinod Chopra and so is connected to Bollywood, her reviews are unbiased. In the times of paid reviews she is an anomaly.

After our play yesterday and no dinner (CP has mainly pubs... we could not find a decent food place which did not have waiting) we watched this flick at PVR Rivoli. Might I add... crowd in Gurgaon is so much better than Delhi. There was a guy behind my seat who put his feet up on my seat (before I was seated) and then proceeded to kick it whenever. THAT would never happen in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon and if it does, one look is enough to stop it.
Anyway... what is the story? Ranveer and Ali are two orphans picked up by Govinda and brought up to be killers. Ranveer meets Parineeti and falls in love. He wants to give up crime and become a nice boy but Govinda won't let him. So, he starts leading a double life... Ali kills the targets... while Ranveer gets a job and woos his lady... without Govinda's knowledge. And then Govinda finds out... what happens next? I don't really know or care because I was too mind fucked by then and walked out.

Pros about the movie:
- Hot, hot, steaming hot Ali Zafar. These Pakistani actors make you drool. There is something extra... they are suave, stylish and give that regal vibe. And they probably know Urdu. Urdu is still the language which has a charm... an old world magic. Sigh!!! Drool... drool... drool
- Govinda. I can finally admit that I loved him as a kid. Sometimes it was Mithun but Govinda was always my favorite. Nobody else can do comedy like Govinda... with Karishma and David Dhawan, of course. Loved watching him in the movie. My big complaint is that I didn't get to see him enough.
- The cast. It has to be a killer movie which brings together Govinda, Ranveer Singh, Parineeti Chopra and Ali Zafar... nothing less than explosive
- The title track Kill Dil. It was so damn catchy. And plays throughout the movie... even in the background.

Cons... too many actually:
- The story. How predictable is it. Nothing new. Get a great cast and put them in a less than mediocre story. The story is a love triangle between Ranveer, Parineeti and Govinda except... the latter two are vying for Ranveer's affection. How weird is that!!!
- The songs. They are so much crap. What happened to Shankar Ehsaan Loy?
- Parineeti Chopra. She has lost weight BUT she is still not skinny. Wearing crop tops, navel bearing clothes makes her luck yuck. Why do women try to fit into clothes 2 sizes small? Smaller clothes do not make you look smaller... but the opposite. Sometimes I wonder if the objective is to look smaller or to look good? Both don't always go together. And the make up... oh god, disastrous. Glamorous does not mean... apply 10 layers of make up... and wear teeny tiny ill fitting clothes. A woman needs the 'oomph' to play glamorous which Parineeti clearly does not have. For example, Priyanka Chopra... she was smoking hot in Dostana and equally down to earth in Mary Kom. Not everyone can carry off both kinds of roles. Parineeti is clearly ill suited for this role making her extremely irritating.
- Ranveer Singh. What happened to the actor I saw in Lootera? Yes... he is goofy in real life but does he have to only play those kind of roles. Ranveer has the acting chops... he just needs to pick the right movies. He looks horrible in this movie... the styling is bad.
- Some parts of the movie are so lame...
     Ranveer has come to Parineeti's house in Delhi for a surprise party... suddenly, he is near fountains or something which is clearly not Delhi.. probably Dubai and then they are on a horse at the end of the song... back to Delhi from Dubai.
   Parineeti is wearing a micro mini skirt and driving a bike... on Delhi streets. Seriously??? I am sure she can wear pants and still look hot.
- YRF. I do not spend money on Salman, Shahrukh, Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar movies. I am adding YRF to this list. They make the crappiest movies... I mean, they made Ranveer and Parineeti annoying. I can never forgive them for that. So... YRF... will not watch your movies in a theatre again.

Please save your hard earned money.


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