Sonali Cable

This is another movie I wanted to watch despite the bad reviews... because it stars Rhea Chakraborty and Ali Fazal. I, first, watched Rhea when she had participated and won a reality show... something like Miss India but for teenagers. She used be a gawky but charming teenager then. Well, she has turned out to be super hot and am so proud of her... like I had anything to do with her looks or success. I loved her in Mere Dad ki maruti and wanted to watch her as a lead in this one.

The movie is about how 'Shining' a big company that wants to take over the small cable businesses in Mumbai and they succeed too except in Sonali's area where she manages the business. Ali Fazal's mother has a 60% stake in the business and does not approve of her son falling for Sonali (Rhea). There are a lot of ups and downs... too many enemies... people killed in the process... and then Sonali manages to bring the company down.

Sounds good but its horrible. HORRIBLE. There is so much going on... it was so difficult to keep up. The villain is played by Anupam Kher in a super tacky role. 

Rhea and Ali can do sooooo much better. They really need to pick better movies. Sooo disappointed. 

The rating is for Rhea and Ali who are super awesome actors. 


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