I have wanted to watch this flick for a very long time but would keep forgetting. Now I have just started making a list on my phone of movies I need to watch. 

Amelie is a French movie with English subtitles and the actual name of the movie is 'Fabulous Destiny of Amelie Poulain'. Directed and written by Jean-Pierre Jeunet along with Guillaume Laurant and stars Audrey Tautou as Amelie Poulain. 

It is a quirky and very different movie about Amelie who has eccentric parents. After her mother dies and father becomes more and more unsocial she is happy to move out of her house and start working as a waitress at a cafe. There she meets more weird people at the cafe, grocery shop and neighbourhood. 

On the day Lady Di dies in an accident, she finds a hidden box in her flat which has memoirs of a young kid. She goes in search of the boy who is now an old man. He is so happy to have the box and decides to reconcile with his daughter. Amelie decides to spend her life helping others. Except she refuses to get out of her comfort zone and shell and help herself. While she is changing others lives, her old neighbour who is a painter is watching her and gives her courage to pursue her love. 

The movie is so different and creative. You just watch it wondering how can someone think like this? Where do such ideas come from? How did someone have the confidence to make such a movie? 

I was amazed. Do watch it. 


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