The Babadook

I got Interstellar but this movie went right over my head. 99% of the reviews online are positive and I don't know why. WHY? 

The movie is about a depressed widow- Amelia played by Essie Davis. She lost her husband in an accident on the way to the hospital for delivery, She has a son Samuel played by Noah Wiseman. Amelia is depressed, stressed and over worked. While Samuel is scared of monsters in his room. He has built weapons to defend himself and ends up hurting a kid in school. Both mother and son have a lot of problems they need to deal with. In comes Mr Babadook, a monster in a children's book. At first Amelia does not believe the story but slowly starts sensing Babadook's presence. And then Babadook wants Amelia to kill Samuel but Samuel asks her to fight the monster within her. Which she does. 

The movie is not scary at all. I am the sort of person who has grown up watching Zee Horror Show hiding in the blanket and Paranormal Activity 1 gave me sleepless nights... only the first part though. The only horror movie I have watched alone is Excorcist. And KC isn't into the horror genre so my threshold of horror is pretty low. There is nothing scary about the movie.

There is a whole psychological explanation behind it but it did not come out well at all. I had to search quite a bit on google to figure out what the movie was all about.
Essie Davis has the same expression throughout and sympathising with her is quite difficult while Noah is so irritating I don't know what I would do if I have a kid like him. Kill him, maybe or give him away to the Babadook. Just kidding. No, really. 

Avoid. I don't know why people are going ga ga about this one. It's the worst horror movie I have seen... even worse than Paranormal Activity 3. 


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