Edge of Tomorrow

I read some good reviews on twitter and decided to watch this one today. It isn't the kind of movie I watch in the theatre since it is the action genre and all. Action movies are so boring. 

The movie stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Tom Cruise plays William Cage who is sent to the battle field to fight with the aliens. That's when I thought to myself "Another movie where USA saves the world from a catastrophe". But then it gets interesting because everytime William is killed his day is reset. He gets to start the day all over again and learn from his mistakes. He meets Sergeant Rita Vrataski played Emily Blunt who had the same problem till she got a blood transfusion and the day reset stopped for her. William and Rita set out together to find and kill Omega (don't ask).

All is well in the end. 

A pretty ridiculous film. I liked the initial story but then it gets clich├ęd. 


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