The Interview

'The Interview' is Sony's most successful release online till date. I don't need to tell you 'Why'. The whole hacking thing has only made the film more successful. Because the fact is it is a pretty shitty movie and would not have garnered so many eyeballs otherwise. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all a publicity stunt. And I wouldn't be surprised if the whole PK debate is also a publicity stunt. Yeah, I have become quite cynical. But people and their motives will never cease to surprise me, and not in a good way.

The movie stars Seth Rogen and James Franco. James plays Dave Skylark the host of a successful show Skylark and Seth is Aaron Rapoport, the producer of the show. They discover that North Korean leader King Jong-un is a fan of their show and they try to contact him for an interview. He agrees and they plan to fly to North Korea. The CIA finds out and contacts them to assassinate the leader. 

Armed with poison to kill him and lots of clich├ęs, both reach North Korea and meet the leader. Guess what? Kim Jong-un is a Katy Perry fan and seeks his father's approval. There are bad jokes about people starving in North Korea. Americans can be so damn arrogant. 

By that time I decided to not waste my time watching such crap.

I cannot believe people liked this flick. It is crap of the highest order. When Hollywood churns out shit... it is worse than Bollywood. 



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