Meenaxi : Tale of 3 Cities

While watching this flick day before yesterday I realized I have watched it earlier. Yes, that happens. I watched it for the 2nd time anyway. 

The movie released in 2005 and is directed by M.F Hussain. It stars Tabu, Raghuvir Yadav and Kunal Kapoor. 

Nawab (Yadav) is a novelist in Hyderabad who is suffering from writer's block. He has not released a novel in 5 years. The lead character in the book he is writing is Meenaxi- a puzzling character. One day, a woman named Meenaxi walks into his house and asks him to write a novel on her. He writes a story where Meenaxi is in Jaiselmer where she meets Kunal Kapoor (who is an alcoholic car mechanic in reality) and they fall in love. But Meenaxi does not like the story... she feels like the characters do not have enough complexity and tears up the manuscript. Nawab has to start all over again and this time Meenaxi is living alone in Prague where she meets Kunal Kapoor and they fall in love. By the end of it, Raghubir is on his death bed surrounded by the unfinished book and Meenaxi. 
In reality, Meenaxi is just his imagination. In all the scenes you never see Nawab and Tabu with a 3rd person. And Nawab's imagination is so strong that he believes Meenaxi is real. In actuality, Meenaxi comes alive and starts directing the novel while Nawab is only writing it. 

The music is great... the acting is superb... the thought was good. BUT the stories set in Jaiselmer and Prague have nothing new... they are just regular love stories. The characters do not have depth or thought. It is like M.F Hussain thought that since the main thought behind the movie is so creative people will not mind a less than mediocre stories within it. 

And for some reason. all the reviews are good.

Kunal Kapoor is super hot. He really should get back to acting. This movie was banned because the first song which is a Qawwali uses verses from Koran. M.F Hussain was so pissed with the protests against the song that he pulled the movie out of theatres. I had expected there to be some nudity or something because of which the movie was banned. This is so disappointing. 

Bans should be banned. 


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