Despite bro's warnings against this flick, I watched it last night. I had already downloaded it, if it was THAT bad I would just turn it off after 15 mins.

I didn't give the flick all the attention it needs because I wanted to catch up on all the magazines of this month. Also, Cosmopolitan had an interesting article '18 signs you're with the man you should marry'. How could I not read it? 

Anyway, the movie stars Akshay Kumar, Danny Denzongpa, Anupam Kher, Rana Daggubati, Taapsee Pannu, Kay Kay Menon and Mikaal Zulfiqar. 
Yep, too many well known people with tiny roles.

The movie is about the operation 'Baby' started by Danny and supported by the government after 26/11 attacks. It is a covert operation to deal with terrorism. It sounds hard hitting and it could have been so. But it's not. I don't know what is wrong with Neeraj Pandey. Was he on dope when he made this flick? Or did someone else direct it? 
The movie stretches each scene like a chewing gum. A scene where Sushant Singh and Taapsee are driving in the car goes on and on and on and on. A terrorist escapes from police custody in South Mumbai while travelling on the road and there is no traffic. The fight sequences don't seem to end. The background score is simply torture. The plot is full of loopholes and the end is so damn convenient. We didn't even realize how things got resolved in the end. 

This movie had potential, lots of it. Unfortunately, it didn't live up to it. The exchanges between Akshay and Danny are pretty good. Anupam and Akshay together are fire on screen. Rana is a sidekick even though he looks like Hulk (in a good way). Taapsee and Kay Kay have cameos. 

Pretty disappointed. Going by the promotions on twitter it may seem like this is the best movie till date. 

Watch it at home for free. Don't waste money. In the theatre, I would have walked out for sure.


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