The Shaukeens

After the mind numbing Foxcatcher I decided to watch something light. The Shaukeens had varied reviews when it released. Some liked it, others didn't.
This flick is a remake of an old movie called 'Shaukeen'. Very original, isn't it?

The movie stars Annu Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Piyush Mishra, Lisa Hayden, Akshay Kumar and Cyrus Broacha. 

It is about 3 tharki buddhas (horny, old men) who are tharkis for various reasons. They decide to go to Mauritius for some action and stay at Lisa Hayden's house. Lisa is of course super hot and all 3 try to sleep with her in platonic ways. Yeah, you have to watch the movie to know how to sleep with a woman in a platonic way. 

The comic relief comes in the 2nd half where Akshay Kumar plays himself. Lisa is his fan and the dirty, old men try to arrange her meeting with him so she will be grateful and reward them with sex. 

Why would anyone want to watch 3 old men trying to get laid? I don't even want to see a movie about 20 year olds trying to get laid. And I have had enough of 40 year olds trying to get laid in movies- Aamir/Salman/SRK/Saif etc. 
The movie is bull shit and I cannot believe people watched it in the theatre. Akshay is great and I wish he would play better roles to keep his inner actor alive.

Lisa Hayden is super duper hot. She is the hottest actress in Bollywood right now.

Thankfully, the flick is only 2 hours long and watchable on TV if you have no life.


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