Big Eyes

I read a good review about this movie sometime back and downloaded it. But I wasn't sure what this is about while watching it.

The movie stars Amy Adams and Christopher Waltz. It is directed by Tim Burton and is based on a true story. 

In the 1950s Margaret Ulbrich leaves her husband. It is a gutsy move because that time in USA was like 20-30 years back in India where divorce was looked down upon. Women were discouraged from working and single women with kids were considered a bad influence. 
Margaret moves to San Francisco where she tries to make ends meet by selling her paintings and making portraits. She meets Walter Keane who is charming and a painter himself. They get married in a jiffy. 
Walter is a great salesman and trying to sell both their paintings. But he realizes people are more interested in his wife's paintings and he starts selling them under her name. He tells his wife nobody will want to buy a woman's paintings and so Margaret goes along with this even though she is guilty and unhappy. 
Things continue like this for 10 years before she realizes enough is enough and walks out. But Walter refuses to divorce her and she decides to sue him. 
Of course, both are asked to paint in front of judge and Margaret wins the case. 

And all this is true. It actually happened. I liked the movie. It's good but I wouldn't watch it in the theatre. Also, I didn't find it convincing enough that Margaret goes along with Walter for so many years. It didn't seem like she had no other options. 

Overall, the movie is good but not great. Worth a watch once though. 


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