The Imitation Game

KC and I went to the theatre to watch this flick before booking tickets in advance. This is it's 3rd week, how could we not get tickets? As it happens due to Delhi elections, malls were closed till evening and entire Delhi junta is in Gurgaon. We could find neither parking nor tickets and headed back home. 
I had downloaded this movie a week back and watched it at home.

Before I start, let me say that am biased. I could not take my eyes off Benedict for even one second and calling this movie brilliant is an understatement. 

This movie is based on the book Alan Turing: The Enigma by Andrew Hodges. Alan Turing was a British cryptanalyst who worked in the secret team to crack the code of Germans during World War II. He built a machine to crack the code. 

He faced many problems in life- being bullied as a kid, being homosexual which was a crime in those days and finally getting chemically castrated which leads him to commit suicide. The movie focuses on his time as a cryptanalyst during World War II and how he manages to end the world 2 years earlier and save many lives in the process. 

The movie stars Charles Dance (Game of Thrones fame), Keira Nightley, Mathew Goode, John Cairncross and Mathew Beard.

*Edited to add*
I have been thinking about the movie and I realized if this was starring Leonardo DiCaprio he would played it loud and hammed his way. I love Leo but Benedict is his antithesis. He underplays the character and makes the character more real. 

I won't get into each detail of the movie but if you have spend money on 1 movie this weekend, let it be this one.
Superb. It's so good it may not win any Oscars. 


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