I won't get into the story because I didn't watch it long enough to tell you what it is actually about. During the promos itself, I knew Ranbir Kapoor would not be able to carry this one on his shoulders what with non actors like Arjun Rampal and Jacqueline Fernandes in leading roles.

I don't understand why Jacqueline is signed for movies. She cannot even speak Hindi or act. Is there a dearth of good looking actresses who can speak and understand the language and can act. Serious dearth, I guess. 

The movie starts with Arjun Rampal brooding, sulking, showing attitude, being a sour puss and typing on a typewriter. Yes, a freaking TYPEWRITER. I understand that this guy is 12 years older than me and so has seen... maybe even used a typewriter in his life. But the movie is not set in the 70s. Is it now? 

Arjun is a film maker and is writing his script while shooting the movie. He has made 2 successful movies called 'Guns 1 and 2' and is working on the next franchise. He decides to shoot in Malaysia where he meets Jacqueline at the hotel. She is also a film maker and shooting in the same city. Arjun is a Casanova and starts flirting with her. The flirting is so tacky that only Jacqueline can fall for it. She even says 'falana dhimkana' with an accent. OMG!!! 

On the other side is Ranbir Kapoor who is a thief. He is looking for the 2nd part of a painting and comes across Jacqueline at an auction. 
By this time, I didn't want to watch a bad Ranbir Kapoor movie and turned it off. 'Besharam' was bad enough. Am not going to make that mistake again.

If you paid money to watch this movie, you should not be allowed to make any decisions of your life. Please hire someone sensible for that pronto.
Am going with 1 star for Ranbir and the songs. 


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