Dil Dhadakne Do

I cannot believe I have to review this flick. It is bad enough I had to watch it.

Dil Dhadakne Do = Sooraj Barjatya + Karan Johar

That's it. That is the review because the movie sucks. To paraphrase from Orange is the new black, if shit was constipated and it took a dump... that shit would be called Dil Dhadakne Do. I know it makes no sense, that is why we have imagination.

Let me get my sarcasm out of the way and then I will come to Zoya Akhtar. I will reserve the best for the last.

  • Why do they do this to Rahul Bose? He is a decent guy. In fact, he is a decent enough guy throughout the movie. But that is not enough to make Priyanka Chopra seem like the "nice, repressed girl' so they have to show him getting aggressive with her. Dude, that does not happen. No man in his right mind is going to get aggressive with his wife in front of her parents. I felt like Zoya went out of her way to make Rahul's character bad to show Priyanka as the "good" girl
  • There is a scene where Rahul Bose bitches about Priyanka's brother (Ranveer) and father (Anil). It offends her and I felt like the audience is supposed to feel bad for her because her husband is such a jerk. But, Ranveer Singh and Anil Kapoor are total jerks in the movie. The former is a loser and the latter is a creep. What is wrong with Rahul Bose calling them that? She should be happy he sees people the way they are instead of being blinded by their money.
  • So, Anil Kapoor cheats on his wife making her (Shefali Shah) miserable. They still continue to be married for "society" and "honour" and such other shit. Why the fuck was she a sati savitri? Why couldn't she also cheat on him? Fair is fair, na? Oh wait, this is a Bollywood movie so wife cannot have premarital sex.
  • Priyanka Chopra is on the Forbes list but she cannot even stand up to her father and ask him to put her name on the invitation. WTF!!! Do you know what I did when my name was not mentioned on the invite sent by my family? I didn't attend. That is what any self respecting woman or man would do. 
  • How convenient is it that Farhan Akhtar is not just unmarried... but also single... waiting only for Priyanka to divorce her husband. So what if he is hot, good looking, decent, self made guy... which girl apart from Priyanka would want him? 
  • And no independent woman would want a relationship with a loser like Ranveer Singh. That is why Zoya did not show that Anushka and Ranveer end up together. By this time, even she knew it cannot happen. There is only so much commercialization she can do. 
  • The songs suck. Thankfully, the croaking wala song (title track where Farhan makes Priyanka sound good) is not in the movie. All other songs are pure shit
Zoya- I liked you and thought you make decent Bollywood movies. But if you make another screwed up Karan Johar type movie again I will never watch your flicks.

Best Regards,
An ex fan.


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