Hot Girls Wanted

I was looking for something short and interesting to watch on netflix last night (a skip and jump for being on netflix thanks to 2 people). 

Hot Girls Wanted is not as scandalous or controversial as the title sounds. It is a documentary about 18 year old girls who enter the US porn industry every day. The documentary has been directed by Jill Bauer and Rona Gradus. The camera follows a few real life aspiring porn actresses and their agent.

It stars Kendall Plemons, Riley Reynolds, Rachel Bernard and Tressa Silgeuro. I am not an avid porn watcher or even an average one. So, everything in this documentary was an eye opener. I had never given porn too much thought but now I realize how difficult the job is. 

Few things that struck me:

  • All the girls in the documentary are there to make a fast buck. They can make $800 in 5 hours vs $9/hour in a regular job. The money is hard to turn down. Also, there are many women who have made a career out of sex tapes- Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton etc so why not these women?
  • Everything is hunky dory in the beginning - with money, drugs, parties, freedom etc. The average life span of a young porn star is only 3 months. One of the girls earned $25,000 in 4 months but only had $2000 left over because of expenses on food, spas, salons etc etc. 
  • Parents eventually find out and though the repercussions may not be the same as in India, the US community is not very accepting of porn stars yet
  • The industry keeps looking for newer faces everyday making it difficult for the older girls (those who have been around for 3 months and more) to find new shoots so they have to take up niche stuff. Like facial abuse- where the girl is forced to give a blow job, made to swallow and then made to puke. It is pretty disgusting but the women do it for the money. 
  • 40% of most popular porn is abuse. This is very, very disturbing.... the girls justify it as- giving people/men what they want. The people watching the abuse and getting turned on are the perverts and not the women or men starring in it. But even acting in such videos is disturbing and physically challenging
  • The documentary also talks about the sexual health problems the women have to face. 
All in all, this is a decent watch. I would recommend it. 


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