The True Cost

This is a documentary I watched on Netflix. Directed and written by Andrew Morgan, it is about the fashion industry. It talks about below:

  • The terrible working conditions of factory workers in countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia where the wages are 10$ per month
  • The wastage generated while making clothes 
  • The impact on land due to fertilizers and by growing BT cotton
  • The impact on the environment by the clothes which are thrown away or given away to charity. There is no way to dispose them because we buy clothes more frequently these days generating more wastage
What it does not cover:
  • A solution to the problem. Should we stop buying clothes? Can they be made environment friendly? How can wages of factory workers/sweatshops be regulated? Etc Etc Etc
  • The views of the fashion industry experts. There is an interview with Stella McCartney who is very vague about things and does not have a solution
Even though this documentary is not a complete picture about the problem, it is an eye opener. I have never thought about how clothes are made and how they are disposed off while buying them which is sort of stupid. If am careful about what I eat, why am I not careful about what I put over my body? Do I need an overflowing closet? The more clothes I buy, the more garbage there is in the world. Not to mention that some young lady is underpaid to make them in a third world country. 

This documentary has definitely made me think and I resolve not to shop anymore this year. Unless I NEED to. I am not allowed to shop anymore because I WANT to or am bored or I just feel like spending money. 

Must watch for everyone. 


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