One on One 2

We watched this play 2 weeks back when Anu Menon tweeted about it. What would I do without twitter? This is part 2 of One on One and has 8 sketches/monologues. Basically, each sketch has only 1 person performing.

Sketch 1 :
I'm every woman
Written by : Ayeesha Menon
Directed by : Faezeh Jalali
Performed by : Anu Menon
Anu Menon plays the mother of 2 kids and the entire sketch is about her entire day. Anu is brilliant. The sketch is so good that no woman would want to become a mother after watching it.

Sketch 2 :
Written by : Rajit Kapur and Arghya Lahiri
Directed by : Arghya Lahiri
Performed by : Rajit Kapur
Rajit Kapur's dentist passes away in an accident in Nepal. He goes to attend the funeral and narrates all the trouble everyone has to go through to bring the body back to India and give it a decent funeral. It highlights all the unnecessary bureaucracy in India.
Brilliant sketch. Rajit is so damn good.

Sketch 3 :
TC Rasbihari
Written by : Ashok Mishra
Directed by : Rajit Kapur
Performed by : Gopal Datt
This is a sketch about a guy who is a TC on the train and keeps getting into trouble. Decent sketch.

Sketch 4 :
Written by : Hussain Dalal
Directed by : Akarsh Khurana
Performed by : Hussain Dalal and Sumeet Vyas
This is the only sketch which has 2 people. It is about war and love, India and Pakistan. Sumeet Vyas (he was in Permanent Roommates) is quite good in this one.

Sketch 5 :
DJ Elvis
Written and directed by : Rahul daCunha
Performed by : Neil Bhoopalam
Soundtrack by : Ameya Naik
This was an ok ok sketch about a DJ.

Sketch 6:
Written by : Sumeet Vyas
Directed by : Puja Sarup
Performed by : Shikha Talsania
This is a sketch about a woman who has cold feet while getting married. I loved this sketch. Shikha stole the show. It was so funny.

Sketch 7 :
Khoona, Pasina... Action!
Written by : Ashish Jagtiani
Directed by : Akarsh Khurana
Performed by : Sumeet Vyas
This is about a first time producer who gets treated like shit by everyone. Sumeet Vyas is quite funny.

What I liked about all the sketches was that even when they are funny, there is an underlying pathos to it. And all of them are based on real life. We could we anyone of these people.

Do not miss this one when it comes to your city.


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