Shootout at Wadala

We watched this movie over the weekend. It was a week late but it wasn't a movie I was very much looking forward to... I didn't mind watching it a week late or catching it on TV.

The movie is about a small time gangster Manya Surve and is loosely based on the book by Hussain Zaidi- 'From Dongri to Dubai'.
What I was looking forward to was John's new avatar... specially since he has garnered good reviews.
What is the story? The usual... good boy turns bad due to injustice meted out to him... becomes a small time gangster and is killed by the good cops.

What makes it entertaining is:
- Excellence actors like John, Anil Kapoor, Ronit Roy etc
- 2 item songs
- Lets admit it... anything related to gangsters is entertaining

I need to write about the 2 item songs (Yes, I know.. there are actually 3). Sunny Leone and Sophia are excellent in their songs... they titillate without looking vulgar. Sure, our standards about what is vulgar has changed.

The 3rd item song is sad... so sad that I stepped out to buy a popcorn (I have never left a movie like this).
What is an item song?
Its purpose is to entertain... it has a hot, sensuous female grooving to music... she is an excellent dancer... and there are men around her drooling (mostly... not always).
I have never thought of priyanka as sensuous (except in Dostana)... she is quite skinny and flat. The item song has to highlight assets that the lady has and not bring into notice their lack. Kareena gained weight and curves to look like a prostitute in Fevicol Se (we don't picture prostitutes as skinny females... they are curvy and womanly). Priyanka looks like a stick dancing on a sadder song- Babli badmash hai. Haven't we had enough of the munnis, sheilas???
Too much hype... no substance.

The chemistry between John and Kangana (yep, she is also there) falls flat. There is a scene in which John is trying to force himself on her... after resisting for a few seconds... she gives in. It just ended up looking tacky. For a moment I thought it will end up as a rape scene.
We have such few good intimate scenes in Bollywood... 90% of them fall into the category of "embarrassing". One of my favorite couples is Arunoday Singh and Aditi Rao Hydari in Yeh Saali Zindagi.
Their every kiss has so much passion in it.

I hope Tusshar Kapoor didn't demand money for the movie. He should be happy he is seen even in 1 frame.

All in all, a watchable flick... entertaining... excellent actors.



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