*Spoilers ahead*

The movie starts with Dhanush as a superstar getting interviewed by the media and he is speaking in Amitabh's voice.

Flashback - Dhanush wants to be a superstar but he is stuck in a small town with his mother. She dies and he moves to Mumbai. He manages to enter the vanity van of Karan Johar but is caught and Akshara Hassan, who is an Assistant Director, saves him. She is very impressed with his acting skills and takes him abroad to be fitted with some shitty technology in his neck which will help someone else's voice come out his mouth.

I am not making this up. That is what the whole movie is based on. 
KC and I looked at each other, our eyes met and we said; "Our time is too precious for this shit" and turned off the movie.

Akshara is annoying. Very. Dhanush was ok. Nothing great.


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