The Ghanta Awards

I just realized I have reviewed plays I have watched but not shows. So, am now going to review comedy shows I watch. The only rule is the show has to be based on a theme. So I won't be reviewing a stand up comedy which does not have a theme. 

I could not believe my luck when I got to know through twitter that this show is coming to Gurgaon. I have watched the previous videos on YouTube and loved them.

The Ghanta Awards were started 1-2 years back by East India Comedy which is a group of stand up comedians- Sapan Verma, Sahil Shah, Sourabh Pant, Kunal Rao, Atul Khatri and Azeem Banatwala. They are basically awards given to the worst of the worst in Bollywood.

The shows in all the cities are for nominations while the one in Mumbai today and on 4th April are the final awards. 

It’s the funniest show I have seen till date. We didn’t stop laughing for a minute and there wasn’t one moment where we said ‘That wasn’t so funny’.
And then someone trolled Sorabh Pant which basically means interrupted him by saying nasty stuff. Sorabh gave it back to him … good… over and over again.
People… please watch the Ghanta Awards. Do not miss it.
Also it is nice to know that despite what happened at the AIB roast, the stand up comedy is the same. No editing out cuss words or jokes on religion or all the non veg jokes or Bollywood jokes or even sexist jokes. And thank god, for that. I think this is the revolution of our times.
This is one of the best shows I have watched till date.


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